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5 Reasons to Love Designer Diaper Bags

May 1st, 2012 in category Designer Diaper Bags


Designer diaper bags are the hottest accessory for modern parents today. They invoke a strong sense of glamour, sophistication and style. Celebrity mothers and fathers are already embracing this trend. Especially for the modern mother, style and fashion are important when she steps out of the house with her baby. Being a parent is no longer an excuse to not be fashionable and chic with your baby in tow.

Here are a list of 5 reasons to love these fashionable bags:

BAYA Carryall Diaper Bag

1. Unique design features

Unique design features include a built-in cooler section for keeping perishable food items hot or cold while doubling as a storage or organizational area for toys or snacks, built-in nursing pillow for breastfeeding on the go, metal feet to avoid having the diaper bag touch the ground, anti-microbial lining to keep germs to a minimum, easy to clean fabric that can just be wiped after a spill or mess and padded areas for mobile electronics like an iPad, smartphone, etc.


The Devyn Bag

2. Multi-functional and Practical Use

Multi-functional and practical use include stroller straps for hanging off the back of the stroller, an adjustable strap that can be worn across the body, on the back or from the shoulder allowing for a customized fit, plenty of internal and external pocket space for baby items and mommy items, internal lining that can be removed when mom wants to carry exclusively as her own handbag, wet/dry bag for soiled clothes or trash, insulated bottle holder, and organizational dividers that can be used to accommodate large or small items.

Kate Spade Stevie Bag
3. Quality craftsmanship

Today's parents who maybe concerned about the environment are looking for quality products that will hold up to repeated use over a long span of time. Many designers ensure that their products are built with the best quality materials. Their products are manufactured to last well after the toddler years instead of being used for only a few months and then discarded like a traditional baby bag. So various durable fabrics are used such as canvas, nylon, leather and vegan materials in the design of these fashionable bags.

Diaper Dude Convertible

4. Designers are mothers and fathers

For parents, it takes one to know one. Parents are keenly aware of their baby's needs as well as their own in this business of parenthood. So it makes sense that mothers and fathers would be the innovators of this new diaper bag trend. These innovators rejected the traditional diaper bag with its lack of style and personality to turned it on its head for a serious and complete makeover from the inside out. These mom and dad designers not only created a baby diaper bag to suit their individual styles and needs, they started a revolution that modern parents are embracing with each new bundle of joy.

BAYA Sling Bag

5. Color and Style

The color and style of these baby bags set them apart from the traditional diaper bag. Long gone are the pastel colors that usually define them. Designer diaper bags are wrapped in bold and bright colors as well as the soft and muted colors that can compliment any outfit for any occasion. Color schemes and patterns are endless ensuring that every mom and dad can find one that suites their personal sense of fashion style. Along with beautiful color and patterns are the bag styles - hobo, bowler, messenger, sling, backpack, handbag and tote. There is a style to suit everyone's fashion preference.

In conclusion, designer diaper bags can be the best baby gear item you can own as a mom or dad. From their unique design features, multi-functional use, beautiful colors, styles and fabrics, their quality craftsmanship, and the fact that they are made by parents for parents, one cannot help but love them.

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