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Designer Diaper Bags Combine Style, Fashion, and Function

April 24th, 2012 in category Designer Diaper Bags


For today's modern mothers, choosing the right baby bag is a necessity and can sometimes become an obsession. The traditional baby bag of yesteryear just will not do. Mothers want more from their baby's diaper bag than just being able to carry the baby's stuff around. They expect style, function, and fashion from it. That is why more moms are embracing designer diaper bags to carry baby's stuff and show off their personal style. These unique items offer a variety of styles, patterns and color scheme options for all moms. But be careful! The look of them can be deceiving as the style can mimic the look of a designer handbag. So much so that no one would ever know it is really a diaper bag unless they were told so. It is truly a mother's best kept secret!

Moms often can feel and look bogged down having a purse on one arm and the baby's bag on the other, all while trying to attend to their child's needs. The designer diaper bag can resolve this problem with a rather simple solution. It combines the style and fashion of a purse with the functionality of a diaper bag all in one fabulous bag. Thus, allowing mom to tend to her baby without feeling like a bag lady. These fabulous totes do not disappoint in the area of functionality. They boast plenty of pocket space with room for a laptop or tablet, book or magazine, and cell phone with room to spare for your baby's stuff. These bags come in various chic and trendy styles such as shoulder, backpack, messenger and sling. Some brands produce convertible diaper bags that can be used as a combination of the above styles as well as attach to a stroller with accompanying stroller straps. Included accessories in the bag for mom to attend to baby's needs may be a matching wipe case, changing pad, insulated bottle holder and a dirty items sack. In addition to items for baby's needs, are a few mommy items such as a key fob, coin purse, a bag protector sack, and a wristlet.

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There are so many choices of fabrics and color schemes when searching for the best diaper bag. The most popular fabrics are genuine leather, faux leather, canvas and nylon. Some diaper bag companies are even "going green" by using recycled materials such as cork to design their products. These fabrics are easy to clean with a damp cloth and most companies provide care instructions. The color schemes and patterns of these beautiful bags are simply gorgeous. Bright and dark colors are mixed together in the most intricate pattern, creating a phenomenal designer look. Still others are colored in rich, solid tones with intricate and detailed patterned stitching. Another great feature to a designer diaper bag is the ability to personalize it with an embroidery or monogram of baby or mom's initials or entire name.

When it comes to designer diaper bags, there is truly a vast selection to suit the taste, fashion sense and needs of any mother. After baby has out grown the need for it, moms can continue to use it for their personal needs. Use it as an overnight bag, gym bag, work bag, airline carry on bag or an everyday purse.

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the diaper bag I'm gettnig has a wallet that comes with it, so I am going to use it as a diaper bag/purse & also keep my wallet, chapstick, & a brush in there. And for baby, since we are cloth diapering, a wet bag or 2 for the used diapers.

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