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New Moms Guide to 5 Important Items to Pack In The Hospital Bag

April 24th, 2012 in category Pregnancy Articles



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Not knowing what to take to the hospital to care for the baby's needs could be a source of anxiety and confusion for a new mom. Going through all the adorable baby shower gifts to choose the most appropriate items for the hospital stay could leave a new mom-to-be wondering to pack diapers or how many outfits to pack. As a rule of thumb, always pack diapers and wipes for your baby. A new mom can never have to many!

To help new moms who are wondering what to pack for their hospital stay, here is a guide of 5 important baby necessities that should be in your suitcase.

1. Quality Diaper Bag

Don't underestimate the need for a good, quality diaper bag to hold all of your baby's essential things along with your personal items like a wallet, keys, makeup, etc. Years of carrying a diaper bag and a separate purse are now over. Designer diaper bags are on the market for moms (and dads) who want more from the baby's bag. Designer diaper bags combine the styles and trends of a regular woman's handbag with the functionality of various diaper bag features like the changing pad, plenty of internal and external pockets and internal space for clothing, toys and other items. Best of all, these diaper bags can be used as a purse well after the baby has outgrown the need for one.

2. Baby Clothes

Baby clothes will be most important for baby's hospital picture and when it's time to leave to go home. The hospital usually will give baby a little snap t-shirt to wear but if you want baby to be a bit more stylish in the hospital, be sure to pack a super cute appliqued baby snap t-shirt or layette gown. The baby snap t-shirt resembles a long shirt which snaps between the legs and a layette covers the baby's entire body down to the feet without any snaps. These will keep baby warm, comfortable and stylish! Packing 2 to 3 of these pieces of clothing should prove to be enough for the various clothes changes your baby will go through before arriving home. Also, make sure that baby's going home outfit is suitable for the weather and climate where you live.

3. A Swaddle Wrap

A swaddle wrap helps a newborn baby adjust from being in the womb to being in the world. It has all of the features a newborn yearns for - comfort, softness and warmth. Swaddle wraps are great for moms because it makes wrapping your baby so much easier than trying to wrap a baby blanket around the baby. These wraps are also great to use for relatives and friends who want to hold your new addition. No worries about baby's legs and toes becoming cold due to exposure because of all the moving around from arm to arm!

4. Nursing Cover

If you're thinking about breastfeeding your baby in the hospital but not thrilled about doing so in front of your company, be sure to pack a nursing cover. A nursing cover covers mom and baby while breastfeeding. It is usually made of cotton fabric with a snap or hook that goes around the neck and allows mom to keep an eye on baby during the feeding. They come in fashionable prints and colors to match any diaper bag or outfit you're wearing. Nursing covers can give you the confidence and ability you need to feed your baby on the go!

5. Baby Blanket

A baby blanket will always be a must have essential for taking care of your baby! Blankets are great for covering surfaces on which you would like to lie your baby down on. They are great as covers for your baby while in the baby carrier to shield him from the outside elements like the cold, wind, rain or snow. Not to mention blankets are great insulators for keeping your baby warm. Choose a blanket that is thick and soft and will keep your baby warm during the ride home.



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